A Confederacy of Dunces: Occupy Wall Street's Healthcare Demands

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  • 10/17/2011

The US is the only civilized country in the world to not have Universal Healthcare Coverage.

Here are three demands:

  1. Medicare for everyone immediately. Despite what people say, Medicare works. It helps elderly people get the care they need at affordable prices. There is no reason why Medicare cannot be extended to every person in the US. If the government can spend trillions bailing out Wall Street and buying worthless securities from banks, it can spend the money to provide healthcare for everyone.

  2. Private insurance companies should not be allowed to administer healthcare services unless they are highly regulated. Otherwise, they put profit before people's health. They'd rather have people die than lose money.

  3. The government should set mandated maximum prices for all healthcare procedures, treatments, and drugs. There should be no reason why hospitals, and doctors should be able to get away with charging obscene prices for procedures. Hospitals routinely mark up their costs by 10X.


    Similarly...here are the first two "official" demands of the OWS mob..

    Demand one: Restoration of the living wage. This demand can only be met by ending “Freetrade” by re-imposing trade tariffs on all imported goods entering the American market to level the playing field for domestic family farming and domestic manufacturing as most nations that are dumping cheap products onto the American market have radical wage and environmental regulation advantages. Another policy that must be instituted is raise the minimum wage to twenty dollars an hr.

    Demand two: Institute a universal single payer healthcare system. To do this all private insurers must be banned from the healthcare market as their only effect on the health of patients is to take money away from doctors, nurses and hospitals preventing them from doing their jobs and hand that money to wall st. investors.

    The mainstream media has failed to mention the juvenile level of the mob's politics.. or it's anti-semitic bent:




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