Another Body Blow to Comparative Effectiveness

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  • 09/04/2007
First research comes out showing that women need different treatment than men for heart disease. Then a study comes out show thousands of new lung cancer tumors -- with unique subgroupings based on pathogenesis -- will extend treatment to thousands. Now this from the Venter Institute a new genome sequence refining and identifying more precisely that humant to human variation in response to disease and medicines.

Why does the Agency for Health Care Qualty and Research still spend a dime on dross from the Drug Effectiveness Research Project which does nothing but catalogue outdated data? Why would the Bush Administration pave the way for single payer health care with a one size fits all coverage decision on blood boosting drugs that will be used differently in differnt people?

Do insurance companies really think they are going to get a comparative effectiveness board of the ground in the face of the individualizaation of medicine?

Comparative effectiveness is rationing in health economist clothing. To suggest it promotes "best practice" (Hillary) or increases value to the patient are ignoring the rapid changes in medical science and the heavy handedness of their own methods which are driven more by a hatred of drug companies than a concern for patients.

I woud be happy to debate anyone, anytime, anywhere on this subject. But I don't think they (and they know who "they" are) will. Because they are not interested in advancing well-being because it will obviously lead to an increase in the use of most new drugs and devices. They are interested in legislative victories and cost containment in the short term.

For more info about the Venter breakthrough go to

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