Dems Follow Families USA Off the Part D Cliff/AARP Devours the Souls of Seniors To Keep Dems Debacle Alive

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  • 01/08/2007
Poor Democrats. They listened to and believed the Families USA half truths about the VA not being price controls and being such an easy to use formulary and saving gazillions. That's what they get for actually buying into those comic books that FUSA passes off as scholarly research.

And now they are trapped like rats, hoisted on their own price control petard. They can't use the VA model because it will allow the GOP to paint them as Dr. Kervorkian. Those there are still some Kool-aid drinkers among them like AARP's David Certner who claims that all the government needs to do is impose co-pays on drugs that don't meet government low, low prices. So I get it David, make seniors pay more out of pocket for drugs they need, make them beg and crawl and fail first for those off-formulary drugs so they wind up paying twice? Are you sure you work for a group that defends the interests of seniors or has the Kool-aid turned you into Dawn of the Dead Democratic Part D defender, devouring the interests of seniors to keep alive their price control scheme at all costs.

What's next: claiming that the Cipro bulk purchase under threat of patent seizure is the model for Medicare drug negotiations?

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