Diving into the Breckenridge Institute

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  • 03/05/2007
According to Anna Wilde Mathews the Breckenridge Institute, a research and consulting firm in Breckenridge, Colo. said that the FDA "bungled" the ".. effort to build a new system for detecting the side effects of medicines after they go on the market, delaying its implementation by at least four years, according to a report commissioned by the agency itself."

But who and what is the Breckenridge Institute?

It is run by Mark Bodnarczuk who has written a book called "Diving In." Here's a description from the Institute's website...


Set within the cultural context of Bali and Indonesia, the author uses scuba diving metaphors, interwoven with Jungian psychology and the Enneagram to weave a tapestry of complex characters’ lives and to teach fundamental principles of personal growth. DIVING IN penetrates beyond the superficial and obvious to a deeper analysis of relationships, professional satisfaction, and the ways in which people handle conflict in the workplace.

As for the work of the Institute...it uses Breckenridge Institute’s Harnessing Process™ and Breckenridge Culture Indicator™ (BCI™) to affect deep, sustainable, cultural change.


Here's what's on the Institute's web site....

The coral reef harnesses
the invisible power of
the sun and turns it
into a resource
that gives life to
the sea. Your
culture is also an
invisible power -
so why not harness it?

Note to Breckenridge: The FDA just had $10 million cut out of it's IT budget. That's invisible. As we say in New York, harness THAT.

Oh, about Enneagrams...those are the nine points or gateways (some say seven points, linked to seven glands) to personality typing that have existed since the dawn of time. (To boldy go where no Institute has gone before..)

If you really need it, here's info on enneagrams from answers.com.


Needless to say, Breckenridge is no McKinsey or Accenture.
Which explains why the FDA asked the institute to stay on, for free, to give them a real action plan instead of a lot of New Age speak about changing culture.

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