Jonathan Gruber: Obamacare Passed Because True Costs Hidden From 'Stupid' American Voter

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  • 11/10/2014
Jonathan Gruber was caught on a just released Youtube video of the 24th Annual Health Economics Conference hosted by the University of Penn Leonard Davis Institute claiming Obamacare was passed by hiding it’s worst features and thanks to the stupidity of the American voter.   That is generating headlines in the conservative blogosphere.  But they missed the most breathtakingly honest  statements made by Gruber that underscore that Obamacare is filled with hidden taxes on everyone, especially the middle class Americans with chronic illnesses.   The GOP should use Gruber’s observations as the starting point for whatever actions they take on Obamacare.  Here's what Gruber said: 

Called it a system of draconian taxes

Called employer mandate a political fiction to raise taxes.   But it is NOT central to law.   Shouldn’t care where people get insurance.

Cadillac tax is really a 100 percent tax on cost of insurance (better than nothing)

Transparent spending is a fiction

Healthy people subsidize sick people except that percent of income ramps up over time..Points out that out of pocket costs will increase by 100 percent by 2018.  It has already increased by 100 percent for chronically ill patients

150-200 pct of poverty will have deductibles of $3000. 

Small business have limit on deductibles of $2000.

Limited networks:  Not a good thing for patients.   Gruber notes that people went to specialists less, hospital less.  But not a long run solution. 

Concluded by saying "We don’t have the right answer.   Force politicians to be humble and patient.”

Well now you tell us.  Better late than never.. 

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