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  • 07/09/2007
In today's New York Times, Paul Krugman calls for universal health care in the United States, calls those who oppose it all sorts of nasty names, and points to SiCKO as his proof of concept.

Note to Paul: Read the ads for SiCKO in your own paper -- it's billed as a comedy.

To get a feel for his general position, consider this statement, "Medicare ... is being undermined by privatization."

What he doesn't say is that ... it's working. Every poll shows that seniors are very pleased with the Part D benefit-- and by huge margins. And every government report shows that the program is coming in significantly below cost projections.

Imagine that, a government program that people like and comes in under budget. Privatization may seem like a frightening concept to Mr. Krugman, but it sure works.

But why let facts get in the way when you've got an agenda to pursue?

And here's the agenda, summed up in one sentence:

"Universal health care would save thousands of American lives each year, while actually saving money."

Really? All the statistics from Europe and other nations with government-run health care say different. Having just returned from a conference of European health care experts, regulatory officials, and legislators, I can attest to the many problems European government are facing as they try to reinvent their own national systems for the 21st Century.

Paul -- come with me to Europe and let's film a documentary of not only care denied but care unavailable. I'm sure we could make it as "entertaining" as SiCKO. It's easy to prove an argument when you cherry-pick the facts. We can call our movie "MaLADE-O."


Mark Twain wrote, "For every complex problem there is a simple solution -- and it is usually wrong."

Alas, there is no perfect, easy solution to the American health care miasma. That only happens in the movies.

For a more balanced view of how to advance the cause of health care in America, read what HHS Secretary Mike Leavitt has to say ...

And -- see you at the movies.

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