The Left Wing Response to Bush Health Care Tax Cut: Medicaid Uber Alles

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  • 01/23/2007
The left has been complaining for years about how the tax system is unfair to the poor and working class. So when the president comes along with a plan level the playing field where it really counts -- a tax cut that makes health care affordable no matter where you are or whether you are working -- their reaction is predictable: spend money (either directly or in the form of tax credits) to shove people into Medicaid.

Here's Ron Pollack's predictable response to the tax cut:

“Instead of this ill-advised proposal, the President should expand health coverage for the 9 million children who are uninsured when Congress reauthorizes the State Children’s Health Insurance Program (SCHIP) later this year.”

Right. The same 9 million kids who have not been enrolled since SCHIP started in 1997. Hey Ron, Families USA has been shoveled millions of bucks to do outreach and enrollment over the past decade.
Wonder why people didn't sign up despite your winning personality?

Because SCHIP equals Medicaid. Pollack and other child "advocates" call SCHIP a medical home for uninsured kids but that's like calling public housing as good as a private home. People want to buy into the real thing, something they can own, not some government assistance they have to apply for.

But the Left hates giving people control over health care dollars because that means they lose control over them. I once debated one of the advocates and asked them why they opposed just giving people money to buy health care. Did she think the same people they believe should have the choice about abortion were too stupid to choose which health plan to have the abortion in? She had no answer.

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