Truthspeak on Importation

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  • 06/26/2007
Peter's post on his importation briefing is Kafka-esque. You can't make up the kind of rationalizations the pro-importation forces have been reduced to -- because they are driven by polls and pure political objective, not facts, not reason, not concern for public health or safety. I think official Washington has created and thrives on a new form of communication, Truthspeak, where flacks, spin doctors, policy hatchets, et al., will say and do anything that advances their short term interests and/or protects their flank though it may contradict reality or what was said or done the day before. The past -- what once was history -- no longer exists and therefore one is no longer accountable or responsible for deeds or actions other than those in the very present.

This tactic has spread Ebola-like throughout politics as the number of media outlets needing content on a 24/7 basis have multiplied.

The importation forces are lead, not coincidentally by Truthspeaker-in-Chief Rahm Emanuel who turned parsing phrases and weasel words into lethal political weapons for the Clintons. (He's had much less success in helping his buddy, Illinois Governor "Wrong-Way Rod" Blagojevich, have any success in the Prairie State's ill-fated importation schemes.)

If you can convince people to open the US to unsafe practices that don't even save money in Europe -- you can do anything. Well, we hope not.

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