Beware of All Innovations, Especially New Ones

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  • 01/16/2008
A non-addictive drug for chronic pain? A breakthrough that sounds too good to be true. And to make matters worse, it's an "just" an "incremental improvement on an existing medication." And horrors of horrors, the brains behind this Clifford Woolf -- one of the world's experts on the molecular pathways of pain -- has been (sorry to say) a consultant to several drug companies.

So obviously nothing he develops can be trusted. Particularly if it relies on techniques developed through partnerships created to promote the Critical Path via the Reagan Udall Foundation.

A poisoned source will only produce poison. Especially if the funding is from Big Pharma at any point in time it's forever tainted and untrustworthy. Everything else said and done and funded from all other sources can be relied on without a doubt.

So the rule of thumb(s) should be. Let us call them the Poses Postulates in honor of Roy Poses MD of the Health Care Renewal bog who believes that anyone who receives any funding from Pharma cannot be trusted.

Don't trust Pharma research or the researchers they pay.

Don't trust the drugs they produce or market since the FDA is nothing but a tool or client of Pharma.

Don't use any drugs, especially those developed since PDUFA was enacted since that institutionalized the incest.

So if and when these new pain drugs come out...those who abide by this ideological approach to prescribing should avoid these treatments out of precaution and principle.
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Right Dr. Poses?

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