Spare Change?

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  • 03/18/2008
According to the RPM Report:

“FDA Commissioner Andrew von Eschenbach expressed rare public irritability last week at the American Enterprise Institute.

What brought an edge to the voice of the usually unflappable, on-message commissioner? He bristled at the suggestion that the re-appointment of Janet Woodcock to head of the Center for Drug Evaluation & Research represents an attempt to rebuild the old ways of running the agency’s drug regulatory operations."

“I do not see her going back to CDER as business as usual,” von Eschenbach shot back in response to a question from a reporter during a Q&A session. She “is going back as a very, very strong change agent, and we have mapped and discussed many of those changes that she is embarking upon.”

Here’s the complete story:

Some more aggressive retorts from the Commissioner:

Just because she has a long tenure in FDA management and is can be termed an “insider”, the commissioner said, “does not in any way, shape or form mean that she is not a change agent.”

Woodcock offers “understanding of the historical perspective as well as the external realities that are now impacting upon the agency,” the commissioner says (see here). She is “absolutely, the most extraordinarily gifted and talented person to lead” change at CDER.

Give 'em hell Andy -- it's about time.

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